Medical Negligence

What is Medical Negligence?

If if a patient has suffered an injury as a result of medical treatment, this may be referred to as a medical accident, adverse incident or a patient safety incident. This does not mean that the treatment was negligent. Whilst better quality of care or safety measure may have prevented patient injury, it may be that the incident itself could not have been avoided.

The law provides for patients to recover compensation if it can be demonstrated that on the balance of probability that the patient treatment was carried out negligently and that this directly caused the injury. In legal jargon these tests are called liability and causation These are difficult criteria to fulfill and require expert opinions from health professionals to establish whether the claim will succeed.

We take great care not to over-promise clients and create an unhelpful situtation at a stage when the client has already suffered and needs support. This is often know as managing a clients expectation.If we believe a client has good prospects we will tell them.

Examples of Medial Negligence:

  • Fail to diagnose a condition or making the wrong diagnosis*
  • Making a mistake during a procedure or operation.
  • Giving the wrong drug.
  • Fail to warn about the risks of a particular treatment.
  • Fail to obtain treatment consent.
  • Paramedic Negligence - Medical Negligence by Ambulance Service

*Recently there has been many articles in the media highlighting how as many as 1 in 10 cancer medical negligence cases involving women surround breast cancer, with failures to be examined or abnormal breast cancer test results followed-up the biggest concerns.

Whilst we all bestow how good the medical treatment we receive in Uk there are times when this falls below standard.

If you believe you or a loved one have suffered a medical accident due to negligence of another then contact us for advice straight away as times limits apply to bringing a claim.

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