No Win No Fee Claims for Medical Negligence

Medical negligence solicitors are legal professionals that deal exclusively with the issues which arise due to negligence of health professionals such as doctors, surgeons, dentists and large institutions like private hospitals and the NHS.

Our medical negligence solicitors cover the whole of the UK and provide this service on a No Win No Fee basis, however this does depend on specific circumstances of each client.

Medical negligence is sometimes called clinical negligence and our legal team are experts in making successful compensation claims on behalf of patients who have suffered at the hands of negligent clinicians.

When patient safety is compromised it is important to have lawyers with experience on your side to offer sound compensation claims advice.

Making a claim following a medical accident can be costly, therefore it is important to chose a law firm who can offer sound costing advice at the outset.

Depending on your financial situation, it is possible to run a claim under a conditional fee arrangement often described as No Win No Fee. However we are duty bound to offer best cost advice as this is an important part of the client-solicitor relationship.

Claims can also be funded with legal expenses insurance and by public funding more commonly known as legal aid.


Best clinical negligence solicitors?

Key decisions to ask when choosing a medical negligence solicitor to take on your case are:

Are they members of accredited bodies such The Law Society’s clinical negligence panel or members of AvMA, Action Against Medical Accidents.

Are they used to dealing with, and having success on similar cases

If the case is a birth injury are they members of a legal aid franchise.

Answers to these questions will allow you to build a picture to the experience and suitability of the solicitor best suited to take you claim forward and give you best chance of success.

There are many types of medical negligence such as misdiagnosis, wrong diagnosis or failure to diagnose, Surgery gone wrong, medication errors are examples of medical negligence where the level of duty of care has been unacceptable.

This website is dedicated to assist those and the families of those  who have sustained  clinical injury due to the negligence of others


Can I make a claim for Medical Negligence?

Each case is taken on it's own merit, we can explain how general cases will progress but this is a dangerous assumption.

That is why we ask you to contact us and we can make a professional assessment.


No Win No Fee Compensation Claims Advice from Expert UK Medical Negligence Solicitors.

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